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Fic - I Think I've Always Known - Brittana

Title: I Think I've Always Known
Pairing: Brittany/Santana
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kissing Brittany was never a big deal, until, you know, it was.
Disclaimer: Don't own anything related to Glee, just my ideas.
Author's Notes: Please ignore the cheesy title. This is mostly a character study...kind of? Thanks for reading!

kissing Brittany just happensCollapse )


firefly/serenity + defying gravity

I love this video. And I love that even Joss loves it.

This is fun!

stolen from: fade_forever

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, [even if we don't speak often] please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE-UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.
It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised [or mortified] about what people don't actually remember about you.

106 fahrenheit

Today I bought Tank Girl. it made me happy.

PS: after 18 years, I still forgot how hot Arizona is - I'm going to go pass out now.

milla jovovich preggers

last pointless celeb post for a few days - promise. but seriously how cute? awwww


look how they shine for you



30 Days of Night

-Graphic novel movie
-Sam Raimi
-Melissa George
-Josh Hartnett

Oh Melissa and your horror movies. This one actually looks decent though.


Hiatus - BACK

I may have to take a hiatus. I don't know how long though, and I don't know if it's for sure yet.

So if I don't update for a long time, or don't comment or anything... I will return, I'm just not sure when.

Thanks, and everyone have a good rest of the day! and week and stuff. yes :D
so, I saw The Wreckers last night. yeah. awesomeness? YOU BETCHA.

coz I feel like it!

and the crapawesome phone pics i took last nightCollapse )


went to Universal City (Studios and City Walk) yesterday.

spider-man, wolverine, captain america, & the hobgoblin had a quad parade! ha. It was cool.
And I went into the marvel store. and did a bunch of other cool stuff.

Anddd.. I went to the AWESOME dark horse comics shop. I love that place. Got the latest Punisher war journal comic, and some other random ones. I wanted to get this cool shirt: aquaman!!!
but they were freaking expensive, and yeah, I didn't.

then went to the Pez store, and got an R2-D2 pez dispenser. i was going to get darth vader, but I wanted the other so i got BOTH. and yoda.

/end nerd rant.


WWLA 2007

the close-up pic of her is actually like that. Someone pushed me as I was taking it so it cut off on the left. but oh well.

moreee about the whole thing later. plus more pics later.


Seven days until Wizard World! I am SO excited. last year I actually worked there, and so I got free stuff and got to meet this hot buffy chick. this year I didn't wanna work but since I know a lot of people I get to go early and in the back and meet Kristen Bell, Kristanna Loken, and the creators of 52, Supergirl & the producer of Lost, Medium, and Battlestar Galactica! yay. I got me some free comics too, which is always a plus.

Andddd- Matt is going to be here in 8 days. through my birthday. I think I am excited... but, I am not sure. Hopefully it won't be too awkward.

I saw 300 last night. that was an AWESOME movie. intense, brutal, but brilliant.


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